Cheating on Your Husband: How to Determine Whether Your Partner Is Faithful to You

Cheating on your husband: how to determine whether your partner is faithful to you
Useful tips from private detective Eugen Lert

How to know if your partner is cheating on you?

When we enter into a marriage relationship, we hope that the spouse will remain faithful to us, refrain from intrigues on the side. But this is not always the case, unfortunately. Sometimes there is adultery, and sometimes “on the side” there are stable parallel relationships, and even, in fact, a second family. Many women are tormented by the question of whether their husband is faithful to them. After all, the unknown is often worse than even the worst news. But how do you know if a man is cheating or not? If you do not have 100% evidence, the only way out – to seek help from a private detective. However, the money for the services of a professional is not for everyone, and some do not want to wash their dirty linen in public. Therefore, you can try to determine the faithfulness or infidelity of your partner yourself.

First, pay attention to phone calls and social networks faithful.

We live in an information society, and communication through mobile devices and the Internet plays a very important role for us. The first “red flags” that should alert you in this case will be: the appearance of her husband’s second cell phone, which he does not advertise; the desire to talk on the phone alone, without “extra ears”; the appearance of fake pages on social networks, constantly leaving his page in a social network, even if her husband briefly leaves the room.

Sometimes an analysis of social networks – “likes” under photos, the appearance of new people in friends – can give a lot. It is worth paying attention to new phone numbers, which can be specially disguised with signatures like “Car Service” or “Herr Wartsmann” – most men are not particularly creative and believe that women will not pay attention to such entries.

Secondly, the cheating man changes his behavior, his habits.

For example, if the spouse used to go out with friends on Saturdays to drink beer in a bar, and now he comes back clearly with no signs of alcohol consumption, but consistently leaves on Saturdays. New interests can be alarming, for example, if her husband suddenly begins to learn a new style of music or read literature, which previously he did not particularly enthusiastic about, it is possible that he does it to adjust to the musical or literary tastes of the new passion.

Thirdly, a change in household habits can tell a lot. For example, if the husband did not pay much attention to appearance, and then suddenly began talking about the need to lose weight, began exercising, take a bath before going out and increased use of colognes and perfumes. It is understandable that in the midst of an affair, everyone wants to make the most pleasant impression.

Alarming signs will be a sudden decline in libido, especially if the husband has always been high temperament, and recently did not get sick, did not abuse alcohol, that is, did not have any external preconditions for a decrease in libido.

However, if a woman really loves and knows her husband, she and by herself, intuitively, feel the changes in him and realize that he had if not a mistress, then at least an interest in another woman. If you need documentary evidence of this, you can observe her husband, say, to try to follow him, call his friends with some excuse that excludes shielding from their side, and so on. But the most reliable way to find out about your husband’s infidelity, of course, is to ask for help from a private detective.

He pays special attention to his appearance.

More often than not, he uses expensive cologne, dresses stylishly, cuts his hair fashionably.
He feels guilty before his wife.
So he becomes more attentive and caring to her. If a man is cheating, he can change his habits – he quits smoking, he has new food preferences. These steps could be pushed by his mistress. Money disappears from the family budget. After all, a man needs to take his mistress to restaurants, make her expensive gifts, give her flowers.

Leaves while talking on the phone.

Pay attention to his phone. While communicating, he starts whispering, he constantly receives texts.

Missing signs of crime.

Carefully inspect the interior in the car – if the man uses it for meetings, the mistress may leave a handkerchief, well, or hair there. Pay attention to his clothes. Hair on his shirt, the smell of women’s perfume, traces of lipstick.


The best gift for your beloved is a confession!

You don’t know what to give to your beloved? Or maybe you have already bought a gift, but fresh in your mind are the memories of the fact that the perfume, given last year, did not have the desired effect?

Girls love to give gifts. In one case a man can hide them, in another – to say that it’s from colleagues or friends. If you notice him wearing new clothes or good perfume, think about it. After all, colleagues at work can not give such things.

Hanging out online.

Many romances on the side start on the Internet. If your husband has begun to spend a lot of time on the computer, try to find out what he does there. Also, look closely at girlfriends, colleagues, female neighbors, pay attention to their behavior. It also happens that the once exemplary spouses go on the side of those who know well.

What to do if the cheating revealed?

If sex is important to him, and with you he feels bored, it is understandable that he will look for adventure on the side. What should you do in this situation? Talk to your husband about it.

  1. You may have to overcome resentment and try to give her husband what he lacked. That way you can save the marriage.
  2. A man’s infidelity may be a result of revenge. But not because of lack of sex, but because of the lack of normal attention from his spouse. It is worth to think objectively maybe love is over. Then you are better to break up and not torment neither yourself nor him.

Infidelity can also be connected with the violation of the emotional state. In this case, frankly talk to her husband, and if you both can not cope with this psychological problem, pushing the treason, offer to visit family psychotherapist.

The main thing – know your own worth and to understand the situation. It’s just up to you to decide – either to forgive, or to part. And if you decide to stay, the best way out – do not provoke a new treason, just love your husband, trust him and do not remind him of old mistakes.

How to identify cheating husband in bed: useful tips

Signs of cheating husband can manifest themselves completely differently in each person. However, it is quite possible to identify a common series that will indicate to a woman that it is time to sound the alarm. Of course, it is important in this situation did not mistake a simple cramp at work and fatigue with the fact that there is a new young lady.

How do you know that her husband is cheating?

It should begin with the fact that each representative of the stronger sex is different. Different upbringing, values, environment, material wealth – impose their own imprint, allowing you to make different choices. In addition, we reject the statement that everyone cheats – it’s not so, and the reasons for adultery are different.
So, how do you know that her husband is cheating? Let’s talk about some likely signs:

Abrupt workaholism.

Very often a clear sign that the guy began to cheat becomes a sudden love of work, an increase in the schedule, the appearance of business trips and so on. If before the husband always came at five and spent time at home, and now disappears and is delayed, it is worth thinking about. However, you should not exclude the fact that such behavior can really be associated with work and career advancement;

Change of image.

If a woman noticed that her man looked better, changed his closet, all the time perfumed and combed – perhaps there is a new passion in his life. This, incidentally, is a direct answer to the question, how a man behaves after cheating – begins to feel like a beautiful peacock, which is now all the time polishing his feathers;

Love for sports.

Suppose a man has never gone to the gym, and to go for a walk it can not pull. But then suddenly, he decides to get in shape, starts to watch his diet, and regularly goes to the gym. It is likely that in this way he manages to make up for a new passion. But again, we should not forget that there is a possibility that he simply decided to take control of himself and not lose himself against the background of attractive colleagues and so on;

There is something wrong with the sex.

If a man gets a mistress, very often he loses the desire to sleep with his wife. As they say, after a mistress on his wife does not get up. Often in such situations, representatives of the stronger sex try to quickly cope with the task, turning away and falling asleep. But still do not rush to pounce on your husband with fists, the cause of this effect can indeed be fatigue, stress or more serious problems;

Changes in the relationship.

Having tasted the sweet forbidden fruit, the guy may change the attitude towards his spouse, and begin to pick on the trifles, to talk about his imperfect appearance. Or in a radically different way – to become lusciously sweet, suddenly giving compliments, gifts and so on. Most likely, the husband has a mistress;
Frequent telephone correspondence, passwords in the mail, and so on. Of course, if the husband is a businessman, such behavior is quite logical and normal. However, the sudden increase in gadgets in the life of a man should be alert, because it is likely that his free time he spends on your rival.

It is important for any lady to understand that, having noticed one sign, you should not tear your hair out, because most likely this does not indicate anything and there is a real explanation for these or other factors. But if the guy has manifested most of the above, it is worth thinking about. There is no way to know how to determine cheating on your husband in bed, as it has to be a combination of factors.

Other options for determining cheating on your husband

Be that as it may, today there are many recommendations on how to identify cheating beloved man. We would like to touch upon some unusual recommendations, which are either ineffective or cardinal.
For example, some women are trying to find options to identify adultery in physiological signs. They look for lipstick on things. Or, for example, to find out how to know whether a guy was cheating on his balls or not. The fact is that some people believe that if during sex in the bathtub, the pool, the guy’s testicles are not floating on the surface of the water, it means that he has recently had intercourse. It is recommended to follow your husband and see how his organs will behave. But experts say that this is nonsense, and it is impossible to determine anything this way. In this situation, it is logical to listen to professionals.

If the situation in the family has become critical, and the time has come to divorce, but evidence is required, then there is a special laboratory examination. How to determine the treason of the husband on the underpants? Give them for research – an independent expert examination will determine the presence of biological secretions of both the man and the other woman. However, such measures are still cardinal.

In any situation, a woman needs to think several times and calm down, because it is likely that her husband’s behavior can be explained by logical phrases, not looking for a mistress in the closet.


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