How to Know if the Beloved Person Will Return

The heart, as they say, can not command, so even if the parting has already happened, you still do not lose hope, and you want to find an answer to the question of how to know if the loved one will return back. The answer to this question is difficult. After all, without knowing the whole situation, it is difficult to judge how a man will act in this or that case. There are several signs of his desire to return. About them we will talk.

How do I know whether the man I love will return to me?

Many people so idealize their significant other that they do not notice how those cool down in a marriage or relationship, and start looking for something new on the side. Well, let me be blunt – there is no 100% way to know if he will come to his senses or not. Every case is different. And even if he does not call, does not write and has disappeared from sight, this is not an indicator that the man will not return. Some come back even after years…

If the guy left you for someone else, the signs that he changed his mind and wants to get back to you will be his following actions:
Actively calling or texting you. Usually these are innocuous messages, something like: “how are you”. It is very helpful if you separated without a scandal, remained friends. After all, each of you have a chance to get back to the other. And a reason to write each other a “friendly text.
Willing to help you if you ask for help. Again, this option is possible when you broke up amicably. Try asking to screw in a light bulb or fix a laptop.
Participates in your virtual life: comment on your photos, statuses, etc. I do not think that the man, if he decided to break the relationship, will be interested in the affairs of his “ex” just for fun. Apparently, feelings remain. Of course, if his comments do not contain negativity.
Talking about you to your friends, trying to find out if your feelings have cooled down (unlikely, but possible).
All of these signs are just a sign that he remembers you. You might be his backup. Being the “spare” is unpleasant, but if you want him back, you’ll have to live with it.

And always remember, all men are analytical. It’s possible that after the breakup, your loved one will find another woman. But, after analyzing your relationship, comparing it with you, he will decide to come back to you.
The main thing that his memories were very positive. No scandals and tears at the breakup! And no reproaches either (even if you want to smear him on the wall at this point)! Just ask him what he didn’t like. Calmly.
Just don’t go overboard with the calmness, he might mistake it for indifference.
Tell him how you feel, that you are hurt, uncomfortable, and you don’t want to say goodbye, but if he decides…let him go in peace.

How to know if a man will return after the breakup

Passion and love often eat away at life. This is the most common explanation men have for their actions after breaking up with their wife.
However, at the time of the decision, they do not think that with the next woman everything will happen again sooner or later. So do not be surprised by the unexpected call from him after months (or even years!) of separation. Rather, he realized that “the grass is always greener at the neighbor’s,” and you and your borscht – perfect for him. As they say, everything is learned by comparison.
Maybe he realized that he can not resist his feelings. And despite your terrible nature, can not live without your smile and morning kiss. But don’t expect that if he’s back, he’ll put up with your attitude. Do you love him? Then you must change your behavior. Third chances are rarely given.
Breaking up with someone you love is a painful process. Advice girlfriends such as, spit and forget, find another and blah-blah, does not help with the pain and despair.

Will he come back after the breakup?

No one will give any guarantee. Remember, fortune tellers and shamans won’t help you get your man back. Of course, there are real magicians. Somewhere. Theoretically. I haven’t met them. There are more charlatans, and they are more likely to help you get rid of the extra money in your purse, which you can spend on your beloved.

Some sound advice on what to do after breaking up with the man you love:
– The Internet is full of trainings that promise to bring a man back into the family. I do not know whether they are effective. But to listen to the advice of psychologists is never superfluous, because most women are so fixated on one man that they cannot live normally and enjoy ordinary things. Such obsession rather discourages ex-partners.
– Pity yourself in no way. It is better to act like a man. Analyze: why it happened, and what was not enough for love to the grave. Become exactly as he would like to see you.
– Be sure to find yourself a favorite activity that will completely distract you from the problems in your personal life.
Happiness comes to those who do not wait, and enjoy every day. So stop looking on the internet for an answer on how to know if the person you love will come back, and better ask yourself one: “Is he really that perfect and worth crying for nights and days instead of enjoying life because of him?”

Positive moods and many sunny days, everyone!


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