Why Men Cheat On Their Wives, Even if They Love Them

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In family life, no one is immune from partner infidelity. If it so happened that the beloved was found in carnal infidelity, then in an instant before the eyes of the deceived wife begins to collapse all life. But at the same time the thoughts swirl in his head, why do men cheat on their wives, even if they love them? To find an answer to such a serious psychological question, it is necessary to deeply analyze a number of factors.

As family practice shows, a kind of key role in the fornication of the husband can play:
– Biological program, since males are mostly polygamous;
– The pronounced temperament of a man who cannot tolerate intimate monotony;
– The desire for endless sexual adventures or “collecting” of bed victories;
– Increased physiological need, which manifests itself in a large number of sexual contacts;
– Constant problems in the family, from which one wants to escape and relax in such an unconsidered way;
– Incomplete satisfaction of erotic fantasies exactly with the wife;
– The onset of the so-called mid-life crisis, which pushes to self-affirmation in the manner of “I am still good as a man!
– Being in a state of banal alcohol intoxication;
– Having enough free time away from home, for example, frequent business trips;
– Remains from the past or early adolescence complexes / mental trauma.
Why the husband begins to cheat
When you become nothing less than a victim of harsh cheating, being in a marriage, you want to blame your husband for all mortal sins and blame him for every failure that befalls you. But all was so smoothly in your intimate relationship? And over this should think carefully to understand why her husband starts to cheat, and at what point the situation began to go under the so-called “bad luck”.

What should be taken into account:
– With the direct involvement of the spouse, the husband should have a constant sense of fulfillment and self-sufficiency. This is the case when after work he wants to come home as soon as possible, where a nourishing and delicious dinner is waiting for him, as well as his beloved wife in a good mood.
– Between husband and wife there should not be in any way internal emptiness, which is gradually destroying the union. There is no need to hold back in front of each other in communication and expression of desires, manifestations of love and affection for the partner. After all, what is missing, the husband will soon be looking for in others.
– Even the quietest and coziest family haven, sooner or later becomes lusciously boring. A man will want a hurricane that will sweep through the mind and rebirth everything inside. So let the other half to experience something new and never stop working on yourself.
– Be sure to discuss what is happening behind closed doors in your bedroom. And if the essence – ask out loud together the question “is everything okay with everyone in the sex or would you like something different?” It is possible that her husband has secret erotic fantasies that he for some reason can not share with you. There is nothing shameful in asking about this directly, or present a dialogue along the lines of “Maybe we should try … for a variety and more intense feelings in intimacy.

  • What is the “chemistry” between the two people, we will not go into details, but if the years in the husband loses sexual desire for his wife, and the powder in the gunpowder is not consumed in half, then you should “ring the bell”. The spouse, logically, at any time could have an eye on a passing short skirt, or it could be anyone, because the monastic vow was not given to them. Try by all means to renew the former attraction, putting into action an army of pheromones, including all the charm and use a variety of feminine tricks.
  • It happens that the husband as a true male and hunter can not suppress those innate instincts. Then be different, but at the same time, the only and unique to him. Let him periodically conquer you with a dashing passion. To do this, well, at least try to find other images or practice role-playing, so that the gray wolf looks in the woods, where Red Riding Hood is you.
  • If your husband thinks that the family is all cares, and with a mistress is much cooler to spend your free time. In this case, make every effort to radically change his point of view.
  • Having children in the marriage, it is important not to deprive your husband’s due portion of attention. Care for the child, of course, do not give up, but do not forget that there is a husband and he also wants your attention and care, not only at night.
  • Without proper experience, let’s say, in bed, or through inner stiffness wives do not know how to express their love for their husbands properly in sex. There is now a wealth of information freely available on the subject of 18+ up to and including the fact that you can enroll in courses to gain knowledge of mastery in bed.
    If your legitimate spouse is a complete egoist and thinks only of himself, then a priori he will do as he wants, flirting with other women without concealment and allowing even more. The moral here is that you should marry sensibly and be aware of all the pros, cons and life position of your at that time suitor.
    How to know if your husband wants you – read in this article.
    Why does the husband cheat, but says that he loves
    There are such individuals of the male sex, which in a clever way wrap such a spicy situation around themselves. Being no longer in the status of a bachelor, a man continues to lead an active lifestyle, not trying to give up old habits. How is it possible to walk till morning in a club with friends and not to be like his friends, who took off young chicks and sag well. Yes, and to boast of all the same freedom is not weak at all!

Thus, the husband cheats, but says he loves madly, and it may be true. But why does it happen – “hostage” circumstances: the guys invited a group of girls to the table, I was pretty drunk, we went to Tolik’s apartment to catch up, and then almost do not remember anything … There will be a hundred similar stories, but the essence of one and she is extremely unpleasant for the wife, who had already heard from friends about her husband’s affairs away.
There are also cunning foxes who run into the neighbor’s henhouse and do bad things quietly, but if they are caught, they immediately go to the back. Like, yes, how could you think, I only love you and no one else around do not even look!
Trust your husband, you need, but when he has already once “gone wrong”, you know that he is a type of hero of the lover. In addition, if he is trying to smooth things over, saying that he loves you, it means that he is afraid to lose you, to violate his state of comfort or he is worried about the material side in case of divorce.

Why her husband is constantly cheating

Dig into the brain of a loved one, well, will not succeed with all the great desire, but otherwise how to understand the truth – why her husband is constantly cheating? Infidelity in marriage can be a single, that is, single, or to have any periodicity.

Reasons for constant infidelity husband:

– As you know, the forbidden fruit is always sweet, and to experience similar emotions, when the sex is secretly from his wife, of course, want more. Especially if nothing much has happened at home, except for the wife’s tantrums or breaking dishes and shouting some accusations of treason. The husband did not realize what he had done and did not repent in his heart.
– The state of the loosened reins in your stallion and it becomes fundamental for his constant journeys to the dream world with other ladies. Every man, especially a man, must be responsible for his actions, and if words don’t match deeds, it means that such a family has no strong foundation.
– Also, in order to be in the right tone, the husband is looking for intimate adventures on the side, while his true beginning can do something (such is his character). There is also a category of men who love to colorfully tell other tribesmen how dashingly was taken in an intimate captivity of the next passion.
It is difficult to say unequivocally what exactly is the key to a strong marriage. Every single family is a love story unlike any other, which can range from “super great” to “just the opposite.

In this context, why men cheat on their wives, even if they love them, there is no special need to go to a psychologist for any explanations or advice. Just soberly assess your personal situation and remember that your happiness is in your hands.

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